Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a modern day telephone alternative helping both home and business owners to bring down the costs of their telecommunications. VoIP allows the delivery of voice communications over IP networks and the Internet avoiding the routing taken by regular phone calls and allowing big savings compared to standard Telephone Companies calling fees. Calls on a VoIP system can call any landline and mobile worldwide, just the same as a regular phone.

There are huge savings to be made if you make a lot of International calls, the benefits cannot be overlooked.

For the small office or home worker, if you currently have a standard phone system and want to keep it – then adding a VoIP to your network will allow you to have a second phone line, with separate number with no extra cabling, both phones working at the same time on different extensions…with no extra phone line charges. Also select a low cost Freephone 0800 number or any UK geographic number regardless of location if you have multiple sites/offices but want all the calls to be answered at one central office e.g. you can have an office in Leeds but issue it with a Manchester prefix.

If you move office location, you do not need to move your VoIP phone numbers – they are held with your service provider and routed to your equipment wherever you locate it… simple and effective.

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