Home Services
Improving your computer’s performance, have your broadband or network professionally set up, or just learn how to use your PC more effectively, our technicians are here to help. A brief initial assessment will allow us to establish your requiremnts in terms of security, connnectivity and Computer Health.

We build to order High Spec Gaming PC’s using the very best components. These machines are the Ultimate in computing and built to perform the most demanding graphic performance and speed. If you are looking for something you wont find in the shops and need a custom build then give us a call.

Prices start from £15 for home services (we come to you). If you cant see the particular service you require then call us for more information.

Laptop / Desktop PC
Your home Computer deserves the same kind of support that business does. We can help you with your systems in your own home. Our trusted technicians will come directly to you, and with over a decade of experience, Techno Advantage is there to eliminate all your computer headaches. If you prefer you can leave you PC with us – we will not delay in getting the job done, at Techno Advantage we realise how important it is to get our customers problems sorted in good time. Windows XP Support from Microsoft has now ended, so your system may over time become vulnerable – We can test, advise and upgrade your Windows XP PC, as well as transfer your files and settings.

Pictured below are some of our own custom built gaming spec towers – top performers for gaming and business graphics/3d processing.

IMG_2031             Elliot PC (2)WP_000335

Wireless and Wired Home Network
A network allows your computers to share files, a printer, and an Internet connection. Wireless networks are perfect for that freedom and are secured and locked down to ensure only your equipment can access them (keeping unwelcome intruders and neighbouring residents off your network). A wired Network allows much faster speeds than a wireless and is much more reliable, all our Cabling is installed and tested to European Standard EN 50174 by City & Guilds and Fibre Optics Assotiation Certified Technicians.

We can advise you on the latest developments from providers and set up your equipment to get it right first time. Often people complain of poor service from their providers, when the problem often can be something in the home setup. We use the latest test equipment from Fluke and JDSU to test the Cabling, and want your internet experience to be an enjoyable one. If you are struggling to get a strong Wifi signal around the home from your Router, then we can test the Wifi signal strength and supply and install Boosters where required.  If you are already on broadband and cannot get the right support from the often expensive service provider helplines, cut the frustration and call us.

Even if your system is fairly new, over time you may need to accommodate your growing collection of digital photos, movies, files etc. If you are not happy with the way your PC is performing then the solution is often simple and inexpensive. Unsure about whether or not you should upgrade your PC, then call us for cost effective and practical solutions.

Internet Security
As Internet usage grows, so do the threats so you need to be one step ahead and have efficient Internet Security installed and up to date at all  times. Good security is crucial, without it your system or privacy may get compromised. Never open those suspicious emails, just delete them – use an up to date and secure Web Page Browser, and make sure Windows is always updated….just a few of the ways to start improving your PC experience. If it all starts to go wrong then call us to get you back on track to safe and secure browsing.

Home Security and Monitoring
We can provide all your security requirements to protect your home and allow you to monitor it when at home or away by the means of remotely operated Cameras via your PC. Monitor your property day or night (even in the dark), access your Cameras remotely, and also record the footage to your PC for playback. We can deploy high quality, high definition IP Cameras that will capture every callers identity, and save for review should you ever need it. We are proud of or Partnership with D-Link who allow us to deliver leading edge surveillance solutions to suit any budget.